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The LitDev Extension – Functions & Subroutines

This page deals exclusively with the functions provided by LitDev to use Functions and subroutines with parameters.  The last page demonstrated what can be don with Small Basic 1.2 but highlights the limits imposed by not being able to use parameters with calls to subroutines and functions.

The LitDev extension gets around this by providing a LDCall object that supports several variations – not all covered here.  See the Methods panel opposite.

LitDev LDCall-Example

Using LitDev LDCall you can pass values and variables directly to a subroutine

This is an example of a subroutine using the LitDev extension method LDCall.Function().  Using this resource, it is possible to write subroutines and functions that focus entirely on the required task rather than on the limitations of Small Basic.

End of Topic Tasks

LitDev – LDCall


These are some of the Methods available with the LitDev LDCall object provided by the extension.  If you have not installed it yet and you can, I highly recommend it.  It offers over 60 new objects providing a huge range of extra functionality to Small Basic.