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In order to test my work I need to set out some test data to make sure that each section works as it should. After setting out this test data, I would also need to include images of my computer screen with the program running and of the code.  These images need comments on how they were developed from the algorithms I produced earlier in the task.

Initial Data

All the records should be added to the database:

Initial Data

This data will be added to set the database up.

Updating High Score

This data will be used to test the ‘Update High Score’ option on the menu.


This data will test if the program accepts only valid updates to the high scores.

Add new player

This data will enable me to confirm that only valid new players & scores will be added to the system.

Add New Player

These four items should return the actions noted.

Searching for a player by name

This test needs to simple ensure that if a player exists, their high score is returned otherwise aa suitable message should be displayed.

Two tests - one player exists, the other doesn't.

Two tests – one player exists, the other doesn’t.

Search by High Score

Again, there are just two outcomes, either the score exists, in which case the name of the player should be displayed or the score doesn’t exist, in which case an error message soul die displayed.




Notice that the test data includes entries that should work and some that should not. It is important to test all aspects of your solution.  In fact I have left out at least one other test that should be included – but that is for you to work out!

Testing should also include the flow and functionality of the program. If the user chooses a particular menu item, does that item get displayed?   If a menu item gets displayed does it mess up the screen?  All these things have to be checked to make sure they are working acceptably.  Your examiner will NOT want a complete listing of your code but will need evidence that the program you have created works reasonably well.

Finally, do not fall into the trap of trying to correct all the errors or improvements that your testing identifies.  Your examiner is far more interested in the fact that you have identified them and can suggest ways to correct them.  You only have a set amount of time to do your coursework; don’t make one aspect perfect at the expense of missing out other vital features.